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Aircraft Tire Transfer Truck

Miles 6021 Aircraft Tire Transfer Trucks are in daily use at international airports worldwide for assisting maintenance crews in transferring and repairing aircraft tires in the most efficient and practical way. Miles GSE manufactures motorised truck mounted maintenance lifts to increase the efficiency of aircraft tire carrying and maintenance.

Miles aircraft tire transfer vehicle mainly consists of truck chassis powered by diesel engine, hydraulically actuated aluminum tail lift (1500kg lifting capacity), a service platform including tire carrying compartments, special jacking place and tube carrying compartments. High quality hydraulic and electronical system components are offered to the customers to maintain the system reliability and efficiency at the highest level. All the movements of the system are controlled by limit sensors ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation of the system.


Aircraft Tire Transfer Lift (Miles 6021)

Technical Specifications

Chassis: Standard commercial chassis (Iveco, Ford, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, etc)


  • 3.500kg (upgrade to 5.000kg optional)
  • 7.500kg (upgrade to 10.000kg-12.000kg optional)

Tail Lift Payload:  2000kg (other payload upon request)

Additional Options: Available upon request