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Baggage Trailer

Miles Baggage Trailer can be safely used for transporting baggage with its high internal and external strength.  Miles Baggage Trailer is the number one choice of ramp operators due to its strong structure and functional design. All parts used in the design and production of the Miles Baggage Trailer have been selected in accordance with occupational health and safety principles.

Miles Baggage Trailers are manufactured according to AHM, VDE, and IATA standards.


Baggage Trailer (Miles 6033)

Technical Specifications

Platform dimension: 2900x1400 mm

Total length: 4750 mm

Ground clearance: 510 mm

Max. carrying capacity:1800 kg

Chassis: Hot dip galvanized steel

Wheels: 400x100x8

Wheelbase: 2211 mm

Weight: 650 kg

Max. speed: 25 km/h

Drawbar angle:180°